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Resolution Process
Steps to be followed by a Public Servant with a complaint/grievance

Step 1:

Enter your information; Identify you are a public servant in the box. Then select ‘complaint’ in the drop-down box from the section that says ‘Select problem type or communication”.   Lastly, select the Ministry to whom the complaint is for.


Step 2:

Once you have made your submission, you will receive an acknowledgement and a ticket number which you can use to track the status in the resolution process of your complaint.


Step 3:

Your complaint is then forwarded to the Resolution Coordinator in the particular ministry. They will review your submission and decide on the course of action to be taken. Updates are provided during the resolution of your complaint. You may also check the status at any time by using your ticket number (See the top right hand corner on the home page where it says “Check Ticket Status”). 


Step 4:

At the conclusion in the resolution of the complaint, you will receive correspondence indicating as such and the ticket will be closed by the Resolution Coordinator authorized in the Office of the Head of the Public Service. Please note that complaints from public servants are dealt with privately and handled according to the mandates of the Civil Service Act and Civil Service Code, also a record is kept by the Office of the Head of the Public Service.