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The Citizens Facilitation Portal provides valuable information such as: History of the Government; History of the Head of the Public Service, a listing of the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries and their ministries, together with contact information and updated information on new initiatives and media releases.

The site also presents information on specific laws and regulations pertaining to the Public Service, such as codes of conduct along with a plethora of other useful information.



The Resolution aspect of the portal is used to resolve the grievances of citizens. This element of the portal directly impacts members of the public and persons who are members of the public service. This feature allows individuals and/or institutions who believe that they have received sub-standard service from any department or member of the public service to access the system and seek redress.





Communication between citizens and the Head of the Public Service is also via social media avenues. This channel of communication is commonly used by individuals of various psychographic and demographic groups in society and by many organizations in Trinidad and Tobago. These media channels include: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.


Additionally, the portal will soon provide a secure forum for Permanent Secretaries to collaborate and share solutions, thus leading to greater         productivity within the group.