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The National Awards of Trinidad and Tobago acknowledge the involvement of citizens and non-nationals who have had a significant and positive impact on the twin island Republic. The awards which were instituted in 1969 have been presented yearly in four categories, they are:

• The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (replaced the Trinity Cross as the Highest Award)
•The Trinity Cross (Last awarded in 2005)
• The Chaconia Medal
• The Humming Bird Medal
• The Public Servants’ Medal of Merit


Order of the Republic Trinidad and Tobago

The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was installed as Trinidad and Tobago’s highest national award in 2008 and replaced the Trinity Cross for distinguished and outstanding Service to Trinidad and Tobago. 

The design of the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago acknowledges the contribution of the first inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago embodied in the crest surmounting the medallion. The waves and constellation tell the story that Trinidad and Tobago consist of people from all over the world and their descendants, bringing social and cultural attributes to produce a special, talented people with great potential.

The award is 18 carat yellow gold and hangs from a short-length, striped gros-grain ribbon in the national colours, red, white and black. On the front of the award there are three circles each encompassing a feature of the National Symbols of Trinidad and Tobago, with a crest at the top. Within the crest is a feathered head dress of an Amerindian chief, which represents the aboriginal culture of the twin island.

The centre of the design features a disc, upon which the familiar image of one of our national birds, the Scarlet Ibis is standing on the south- western peninsula of Trinidad and the Mot Mot perched on the image of Tobago both imposed in bas-relief. At the top of the circle is the Chaconia Flower, the National flower of Trinidad and Tobago. In the middle circle there is a display of twelve outer notes of a tenor pan. On the notes are a pair of pan sticks. The steel pan is placed on the award as it is the National instrument of the twin island republic. Within the third and outer circle are images which represent the sea and sky. Waves at the bottom represent the sea whilst the sky is represented via clusters of star shapes and fine granulation. 
On the back of the award, the words “Order of the Republic” are engraved.

The name of the Society to replace the Order of the Trinity is The Distinguished Society of Trinidad and Tobago and the initial O.R.T.T. is to be used by future holders of this award, after their names.

The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is only awarded in gold and is limited to five recipients each year, though the number may be less.

In 2008, the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was awarded to the following recipients for Distinguished and Outstanding Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Steelpan Development.

• Professor Brian Copeland  
• Mr. Bertram “Bertie” Lloyd Marshall Steelpan Innovator 
• Mr. Anthony Williams Steelpan Innovator

In order to be nominated for an award, a “Nomination for a National Award” form must be filled out. Forms and more information about nomination submission can be obtained at The Office of The Prime Minister, Tobago House of Assembly and City and Town Halls.