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Q - What is the usual response time for the resolution of a complaint ?

A - Once a complaint has been received, the approximate time for resolution is 24-48 hours. This is contingent on different variables and may extend beyond this time. It is important to note that all complainants would be kept informed during the redress period of the complaint. However, should there be any unforeseen hindrances/delays impeding the normal resolution time, the complainant would be kept abreast of this and a status of things accordingly. 

Q - I lost/cannot remember my ticket reference number, what now ?

A - If you have forgotten or lost your ticket reference, please e-mail our webmaster at:-ircp@gov.tt  using the e-mail address you used when you intially logged on to the portal. Upon completion of doing this, the webmaster would provide you with required information. 

Q - What is my ticket reference number ?

A - Your ticket reference number is the number that has been uniquely assigned to you once you have made a submission. It allows you to quickly check the status of your complaint once you log on to the portal. The reference number also allows the responders to be able to track the status of the submission until resolution.

Q - Who would have access to my contact information ?

A - Your contact information will only be accessible by the Resoultion Coordinator assigned in the Office of the Head of the Public Service and other senior administration in the ministry whom the submission pertains to. As mentioned previously, the security standard technology being used on this portal ensures that all information between submitters and responders are private and secure.

Q - What should I expect after I have submitted a compliment/complaint/suggestion ?

A - Once you have submitted a compliment, you will receive an acknowledgement. If your submission is a complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement containing a receipt number which you may use to periodically check on the progress phases of resolution. You will also receive periodic updates while your complaint is being addressed and a final response when the complaint has been resolved in its entirety. A submitted suggestion will receive an acknowledgement and will be forwarded to the relevant department/office and a copy will be retained by the Office of the Head of the Public Service.

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