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Civil Service Act
Overview of the Civil Service Act and the Civil Service Code

The Civil Service Act below details all the facets that govern and regulate all public officers.  The establishment and structure of the Civil Service, the terms and conditions of employment, the Code of Conduct for public officers and other key information is found in the Civil Service Act.  The Civil Service Code is very important with regards to how public officers operate and interact with different stakeholders. The code deals with standards of behavior required of public officers in delivery of goods and services to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The Civil Service Code is legislated and forms part of the law of the land.  A breach of the code means either a breach of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago or subsidiary legislation and as such the relevant criminal, civil court or disciplinary procedures are initiated with such a breach.

The underpinning message of the code is that a public officer’s conduct at all times must be above reproach and not bring the service into disrepute. Public Officers are therefore expected to discharge their duties effectively, with integrity and in a prompt manner.  All public officers are apolitical and as such the expectation is that they refrain from responding to questions on public policy by remarks that are critical of policies. This is because the officer’s impartiality/neutrality may be called into question given he/she has to implement and advise on policy that originates from the Executive Arm of the State (Cabinet/Government). Breaches of the civil service code are met with punitive penalties which are intended to act as a deterrent for such breaches.

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